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About Us

Please note we are now working from home.

Dave and Kathy Forshaw opened up their jewellery shop in Shrewsbury in 2002 following the success they had selling gemstone jewellery at craft fairs and various town centres for over twelve years.

Although Dave is a jeweller by trade now, he originally trained as a tool-maker and engineer. For years he has been cutting and polishing many of the gems himself at his workshop just outside Shrewsbury.

Precious and semi precious gemstones set in either silver or gold;
platinum available in a number of designs

These Shrewsbury jewellers stock an unbeatable variety of gemstone jewellery, in both silver and gold designs. The range of price suits all budgets, starting with jewellery pieces such as children's necklaces right up to dazzling sapphire and diamond engagement rings.

Most gemstones available in most designs

Most combinations of gemstone and silver or gold design can be accommodated. If you don't see what you want in the jewellers, speak to Dave or Kathy as their aim is to meet your needs. Their gemstones look amazing in so many design settings, it is simply impossible to have them all on display.

In addition to jewellery, this Shrewsbury business offers gemstone ornaments and crystal beds that make excellent household gifts. Smoky quartz crystals, amethysts, geodes that were formed millions of years ago.... Just as nature intended. We also now stock Tim Cotterill Bronze Sculptures and handmade glass flowers and Welsh Dragons.

So whether you are looking for an opal birthstone necklace or white gold engagement ring, with this husband and wife team you know that quality is always assured and most questions can be answered. Give Gemstone Jewellery a call on 01948 841214 / 07866 695480.